The ThomasPartners Strategies can help you get to and through retirement

Who we serve

ThomasPartners Strategies was founded in 2001 with a goal to give investors a way to achieve and maintain the retirement they wanted through income-oriented strategies. That’s still our focus today, and what we seek to provide for those who turn to us for help.

about us who we serve.

  • Pre-retirees

    We help clients plan for a future retirement through taxable and non-taxable accounts for high-net-worth individuals, investors, families, and trusts.

  • Retirees

    We help investors across the journey of their retirement with solutions that seek to provide a sustainable income stream throughout that journey.

  • Institutions

    We provide long-term growth strategies for a variety of institutional clients, including endowments and foundations, public and private pension funds, and corporate plans.

Where it all started. And where it continues today.

Greg Thomas founded ThomasPartners Strategies when he faced a challenge that so many others face when they reach retirement: Will there be enough to cover expenses? His quest to find answers led him to create the ThomasPartners Strategies.

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Meet our team

Each of the investment professionals at ThomasPartners Strategies has a range of knowledge and experience that allows them to be uniquely positioned to deliver on our mission and help investors achieve what they are after.

  • Bill McMahon

    CFA, Chief Investment Officer of Active Strategies

  • Greg Thomas

    ThomasPartners Portfolio Management & Research

  • Jim Serhant

    CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Brian Hillburn

    CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Gretchen Novak

    CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Soo Jeong

    Equity Research Analyst