Our strategies

What we offer

There are two sets of strategies within ThomasPartners Strategies: Dividend Growth and Balanced Income. While they are both designed to provide income throughout retirement, each one achieves that differently. And the right one is determined by each individual investor’s needs and goals.

All ThomasPartners Strategies seek three objectives

While our strategies take different approaches, they all share the same three objectives that are the foundation for what we do.

  • Monthly income

    Seek to provide monthly income by investing in companies with predictable dividends (all strategies) and interest-paying fixed income investments (strategies that include fixed income).

  • Income growth

    Strategically invest in dividend-growth companies (all strategies) and fixed income opportunities (strategies that include fixed income) and allocate across sectors in an effort to grow the portfolio’s income over time.
  • Competitive total returns over time

    Seek to deliver competitive total returns over time through income generation and price appreciation.

Two unique strategies to meet investors' goals

  • Dividend Growth Strategy

    Graphic showing that the Dividend Growth Strategy constructs portfolios made up of 100% equities.

    This may be the right strategy for you if you're looking for an equity-building solution designed to complement a broader portfolio.

  • Balanced Income Strategies

    Graphic showing that Balanced Income Strategies are construct portfolios with a blend of fixed income and equities.

    This may be the right strategy if you want a blend of equities and fixed income that is based on your risk tolerance.